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    Pure Rose Hip Oil

    48,00 38,40 Vat. Incl.
    Natural cell regenerator for scars, burns, and stretch marks. Potent cell regenerator, 100% natural. Rose hip oil assists in wound healing processes by helping to regenerate the skin and by…
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    Aloe Vera Gel

    38,00 22,50 Vat. Incl.
    Soothing gel for skin irritations, itching, and burns. 97% pure aloe vera gel. It soothes and disinfects the skin naturally and regenerates the dermis. 30ml container.
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    Vitamin C Gel

    45,00 36,00 Vat. Incl.
    Hydration and protection against free radicals. Vitamin C stimulates the skin’s defenses and combats the generation of free radicals. This gel is quickly absorbed and provides luminosity and shine to…
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    Vitaminic Serum

    45,00 31,50 Vat. Incl.
    Vasodilator and bruise reducer. Oxidized vitamin K is every effective when treating any kind of trauma and capillary fragility since it aids in the proper coagulation of the blood. 30ml…

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