Facial mesotherapy: renewed skin

Facial mesotherapy: renewed skin

Mercedes Lodeiro – A person’s age and certain genetic or environmental factors, such as the sun or the cold, have an effect on skin aging, that is, on the decrease of the activity of cellular metabolic processes. This causes skin degradation along with the loss of the activity of different substances responsible for the skin’s turgidity and glow. Although the skin and the tissues it’s made up of can regenerate, this ability slows down with age and eventually even stops.

The Kayros method to reinforce the natural skin regeneration process is applied at doctor Arquero‘s clinics, both in Vigo and in Madrid. According to Yago de Andrés. sales manager, it’s an aesthetic medical procedure, not a surgical one, to rejuvenate the skin from the inside-out. It consists of skin stimulation and nutrition in order to give vigor to the face and body without surgery.

Blood oxygenation

Who it is for

The Kayros method is for those people who wish to revitalize their skin through a nutritive process that repairs the skin without surgery. It allows to soften the signs of photoaging and to slow down those cause by aging. The most spectacular results are achieved on the most damaged skins.


Regenerative DNA Filament Cream

The DNA used in cosmetics is from plant or fish origin. This substance has hyaluronic acid that has a strong power in retaining water which prevents dehydration. Medical Beauty’s regenerative DNA filament emulsion provides the skin with nucleic acids. This protects the DNA against external aggressions, reinforces skin hydration and antioxidant power, and boosts the regeneration of epithelial tissue, preventing premature skin aging and softening wrinkles. This cream provides the skin with the necessary elements so that it can regenerate on its own. It should be applied every day or night for at least 40 days. Its use at night is recommended because it works while the body rests. It is also specially recommended for women over 40 to maintain or recover the skin’s smoothness and elasticity.

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